The Old Ones are the Best

That other blog post tonight was a bit grumpy of me. So, to make up for it, here’s just a few of my all-time favourite funny videos off of the Internet. You’ve probably seen some or all of these before, but they’re worth watching again.

test your brains

First up, this gloriously funny game from @ratbanjos :

montgomery flea market

This one’s been around for years, but I just can’t get enough of it. I must have a word with our marketing team in the office to get this guy in to do some ads for us…

mighty putty

The late king of teleshopping, Billy Mays:

under the bridge (literal version)

There was a brief period when a flurry of “literal videos” were appearing. This is my favourite.

the annoying tomato

He annoys.


One response to “The Old Ones are the Best

  1. I want the man who created “The annoying tomato” to be sodomised by farm animals in the town square to the witness of horrified shoppers on a Saturday afternoon.

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