Electric Dreams

Tonight on BBC Four at 9pm is the second part of Electric Dreams, the fascinating show where a family lives in a house with technology from a particular decade. Last week was the 1970s, and tonight it’s the 1980s. Technology in the 80s was a strange old thing, moving along at a faster rate than ever before, yet still clinging on to the analogue age.

Two things I love about this ad. Firstly, the way the products are described as stylish, when now to our sleek, glossy curve-loving eyes they look like ugly grey boxes. And secondly the way that back then, Samsung was not a “name” when now many people buy their products for their brand.

There’s only one contender for my favourite bit of 80s tech:

Of course, Electric Dreams wasn’t the first show to have this idea. Adam & Joe did it years ago:


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