Adam and Joe

Most Tuesday lunchtimes I can be seen walking around the streets of London chuckling to myself like a maniac. I can assure you that I haven’t gone over the edge quite yet, and instead the reason is that I’m listening to the Adam and Joe podcast from 6music. Easily the funniest thing on the radio, here’s why you should listen…

Broadcasting live from the Big British Castle each week, the show is full of very funny chat, listener input and songs. And if you listen live, you get a lot of good music too, being 6music. Adam Buxton & Joe Cornish (or Dr Buckles & Cornballs), who are best known for their 1990s Channel Four show,  seem at their most relaxed here, even compared to their very good Xfm shows. This makes the show very free-form, you can tell that they’re two guys that have been friends for a very long time, allowing us to listen in to their chit-chat about random nonsense or things they’ve seen on TV.

Some of the regular features are…

text the nation

The nation’s favourite feature, this is where listeners can share their views on the massively important issues in Britain today. Things like names you’ve given for parts of your body, creating a manifesto all cinemas should follow or ideas for the perfect retail experience.

retro text the nation

A section where people who don’t listen live can contribute to the previous week’s Text the Nation subject by email. I’ve only really mentioned it so I could include the brilliant jingle.

made-up jokes

One of the more controversial segments of the show, this is where listeners send in jokes that they made up themselves. The problem comes when people send in jokes that others say were already well-known. Recently one joke sent in was already being performed by Josie Long, when she tried it again the audience shouted “Adam & Joe!” so she had to remove it from her set, as well as the subsequent five minutes that would lead on from it.

At Glastonbury 2009, they performed some of the made-up jokes sent in by listeners:

song wars

An occasional but very popular feature, this is where Adam & Joe compete with each other to produce a song about a certain theme, with the winner voted for by the audience. The songs are always very funny and well put together, here are a few of my favourites:


The best way to find out if there are any fellow Adam & Joe listeners around is to shout out “Stephen!” and wait for the response “Just coming!” This can often be heard at gigs and music festivals, and presumably lots of studenty places. Rather than explaining how this meme came about, you can hear it for yourself in the video below:

how to listen

If you want to be a member of Black Squadron you need to listen to the show live on BBC 6music, Saturday mornings from 9am to midday. You can listen to 6music on DAB, digital television and online. Black Squadron members are given special tasks to carry out which no other listeners are allowed to join in with.

If you want to be a member of Slack Squadron you need to listen to the show during the week on the Listen Again section of the BBC iPlayer.

If you want to be a member of Caley Squadron your name must be Caley, apparently.

If you want to be a member of Digiforce like myself, you need to download the hour-long podcast of the show’s highlights, available here, iTunes and various other podcast-related parts of the interweb.

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