More Adam and Joe

Writing that other post earlier about Adam & Joe’s 6music show made me realise just how much I’ve enjoyed so many things they’ve done over the years. So, I thought I’d share some of my very favourite moments here:

(Apologies, for a few of these clips you’ll have to click on to YouTube to watch)

Fittingly, the first clip is Adam Buxton’s first television appearance, on home video programme Takeover TV as Star Trek fan Louise. Although I was only an occasional Next Generation viewer, this song has somehow stuck in my head for years:

The next couple of clips come from the incredible Adam & Joe Show on Channel Four. The first is a wonderful new daytime TV quiz (a predecessor of Numberwang) and the second is one of the Toy Movies. There were some great spoofs of Se7en, American Beauty and Showgirls but in the end I went for Furends:

Next is one of my favourite things of all time. I loved their Star Wars parodies, and was hard to choose just one to put up (I love Chew’ve Been Framed and TFI Star Wars) but in the end it had to be the Crystal Maze, made for Adam & Joe’s Fourmative Years, a special anniversary programme looking back at the first 21 years of Channel Four:

Their last TV series together was Adam & Joe Go Tokyo, a great series looking at Japanese culture. It was very easy to choose a clip from this, it had to be Buckles’ karaoke rendition of Radiohead’s Paranoid Android:

Speaking of Radiohead, Adam has worked with them a lot, directing some of their recent music videos. But this has to be the best thing they’ve done together:

Finally, bringing us back to the present day, here’s one more Song Wars clip from the 6music show:

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