As It Occurs to Me

Just a quick one, tonight I was at the Leicester Square Theatre to see a recording of Richard Herring’s As It Occurs To Me, a comedy podcast based on the things that occur to Herring during the week – either things that happen to him, things that are in the news, or if there isn’t enough material, just things he’s remembered. Aided by Dan Tetsell, Christian Reilly and TV’s Emma Kennedy, the show is a mix of stand-up and sketches, very similar in style to some of his previous radio shows with Stewart Lee like Fist of Fun and Lionel Nimrod’s Inexplicable World, but because it’s online instead of on the radio, there’s no censorship or limits to how far he can take the humour. There’s also no editing, what you hear in the podcast is exactly what happens in the show, and there’s only enough budget for one sound effect.

It’s written during the week, but mostly on the Sunday and Monday morning, performed each Monday night and then available to download each Tuesday. If you enjoy good, fairly offensive comedy I’d definitely recommend downloading the whole series so far, it started slowly for the first couple of weeks but through a mix of the show finding it’s feet and some good running gags, it’s now a must-listen. You can download the shows from The British Comedy Guide by clicking on these words that you’re reading now.

But if you enjoy paying ten pounds to listen to something you can hear for free the next day, why not come to see the show for yourself? At the very least it gives you the chance to shout out rude words that can’t be edited out of the recording. I really enjoyed myself tonight despite the fact that, as I say, the show is exactly what will be available to download tomorrow, but it was great to be part of the audience and experience it for myself, and I’m sure I’ll be back before the end of the run. If you want to watch the show, buy a ticket on the Leicester Square Theatre site by clicking on these words here.

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