Misfits: Episode 3

Tonight on E4 was the third episode of Misfits, the dramedy about teenagers on community service who get superhuman abilities. As usual, there are spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched it yet.

Somehow get the feeling Simon's done this before.

The episode starts with Alisha using her powers to bed lots and lots of men while we got to hear a little bit more of the show’s great theme tune, Echoes by The Rapture. Then we find our unlikely heroes are given the task of sorting clothes to be sent to Africa, while Simon waits, invisible, in the changing room to see if someone turns up to leave another one of those notes in their lockers. They don’t. “That’s an anticlimax”, says Nathan.

Kelly, meanwhile, is asked to take part in a “restorative justice” session with Judy, the girl she had a fight with. Things predictably turn ugly, but what Kelly doesn’t know is that Judy also received a power during the storm. She suffered from alopecia when her dad left, causing her boyfriend to leave her, and when the lightning hit it meant that whenever someone made her angry, she would suffer the same effects. As Nathan put it, “She has the power to turn people bald? That is rubbish!”. Kelly soon loses her hair, but later makes up and bonds with Judy.

Simon continues chatting with shygirl18, who turns out to be Sally, the probation worker. Who turns out to be the girlfriend of Tony, the probation officer killed in the first episode. But the focus of the episode is Alisha, who gets to see both the good and bad sides of her powers. On the one hand she gets to sleep with whoever she wants to, including Curtis, just by touching them. But she also realises that it works even when she doesn’t want it to, and while Curtis really likes her, he doesn’t like turning into an insatiable sex-crazed monster whenever she touches him. She and Curtis get together, but decide not to touch.

Nathan is still trying to work out what his superpower is, but that’s the least of his worries, because an environmental monitoring station is being built on the spot where the bodies were buried. They move the bodies to the community centre overnight, using Alisha’s dad’s car because, despite being a bunch of young offenders, none of them knows how to steal a car. Simon steals a credit card, though, from Tony’s wallet, and uses it to book a flight to Spain, making the police believe that he’s probably still alive.

The next day they decide to move the bodies back to the underpass now that the foundations are ready to be filled in with concrete, but without a car to use this time, they borrow Sally’s only for her to drive off with the bodies in the boot. Thanks to a use of Curtis time-bending powers and some quick thinking from Nathan they manage to get away with it. Uplifted by congratulations on his credit card idea, Simon asks everyone out for drinks, only to feel more invisible than ever before.

It was another really enjoyable episode which started a little slowly but when it got going was very, very good. There was some great writing with some of Nathan’s funniest lines so far and brilliant direction such as the great moment when we moved from a scene on the roof to focus far in the background to Curtis and Alisha running up a hill. Also it’s nice to see the plot moving along at quite a high pace, the reveal of shygirl18 as Sally was nice and quick instead of being dragged out as it might be in some other shows.

So, a very good episode, and from the previews, next week’s looks even better.


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