Misfits: Episode 4

First of all, I should apologise for my tardiness. The fourth episode of Misfits aired almost a week ago and I’ve only just got around to writing the review/rehash. I could really do with Curtis’ power and turn back time so I could get this done in a timely manner. The episode was the best of the series so far, a twisty-turny time-bending brilliant hour of TV. Spoilers of course follow if you’ve somehow managed not to see it yet.

Meet Sam, Curtis' ex-girlfriend. Or, at least she was, until he went back to the future. Great Scott!

So we begin with Curtis and Alisha getting it on in their very own non-touching way. Nathan, of course, catches them at it. When they leave the community centre, Curtis sees his ex-girlfriend, Sam, who is now out of prison after bearing the brunt of the drugs bust that got him in this trouble to begin with. One of the questions people have been asking about Curtis is why he doesn’t use his power to turn back time and stop this all from happening. The simple answer is that he has no control over how and when his power works, but this sudden meeting with Sam made it happen and he went back to the fateful night.

Finding himself back in the club where the deal happened, he realised it was just moments before the police were about to make their move. Instinctively, he took the drugs from the dealer and ran, flushing them all down the toilet before the cops could get to him. While he’s there, we see a few familiar faces, including Nathan on his way to go bowling, and Kelly drunkenly walking through the club like Harvey Keitel in Mean Streets before slumping in a stairwell. It turns out that Nathan really did steal some pick’n’mix after all, leading to a fun chase across the bowling alleys.

Meanwhile the dealer won’t let Sam go until he his gets his money back. Unfortunately that money is in the pocket of Curtis’ jacket, which he gave to Kelly. A fight ensues, and Sam is stabbed. Suddenly Curtis uses his power and goes back all over again. This time he gets there early enough to take the drugs and run away from the dealer instead. Simon is there as well, not having a particularly good time with some “friends”, before reminding us of the other side to his personality by trying to get a feel of Kelly, who is once again sleeping on the stairs. When Curtis sees the dealer, the police grab them, and finding no sign of the drugs, let them all go free. This time Curtis still has the money, and upon meeting Alisha in the club, says he’s just changed the future. She greets him with exactly the same line she used in the first episode, “I know you, you’re that runner guy”.

At the bowling alley, where we see that probation workers Tony and Sally are on a date, Nathan is still in lots of trouble for the mayhem he’s caused and the theft of some sweets. His dad turns up, played by none other than TV’s Dexter Flecher of Press Gang fame. Nathan doesn’t accept his help, instead preferring to be led away by the police. The night doesn’t end well for Tony either, as he discovers that his car, and the engagement ring inside it, have been stolen. They were taken by Kelly’s boyfriend, who uses the ring to propose to her.

Suddenly we fast forward to the present day, and everything seems to be going well for Curtis, his track carrer is going strong and he can start thinking again about the 2012 Olympics. He goes to the community centre to see how Alisha and the others are doing. He discovers the doors to be covered in flowers and tributes. They all died because, when Tony went on the rampage in episode one, Curtis wasn’t there to protect them. The only survivor was Nathan, who says he was “just lucky” (a clue to his power, perhaps?).

Realising that what hapened was what was supposed to happen, Curtis goes back in time to the night at the club again and makes sure that the events play out as they originally did – almost. Instead of leaving his girlfriend with most of the drugs, he flushes most of them, leaving the tiniest amount on his finger to make sure he gets community service and is there when he’s supposed to be. Back in the present day, he goes to the community centre and finds Alisha waiting for him, everything is back to normal. Except that when he leaves, his no-longer-ex-girlfriend Sam is outside waiting for him.

The final twist in the tale saw the still suspicious Sally going through everyone’s lockers. Inside Simon’s she find’s Tony’s Credit card.. not good news for him in the next episode then! It looks like the focus will be on him next time, so it’s probably worth having a look at his YouTube channel

Part Groundhog Day, part Run Lola Run, and with a dash of Lost’s use of time travel to get to visit certain back stories, this episode was absoutely fantastic. With great writing, acting, direction and a mightily ace soundtrack, it was one of the best things I’ve seen all year. I’m not sure how the final two episodes will be able to top this one, but I look forward to seeing the conclusion and really hope it gets a well-deserved second series.


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