24: Day 8 10:00pm – Midnight

Sorry, with all my laptop problems this is proving difficult, but here’s a look back to the latest two hours of 24.

Jack arrives at Vlad’s warehouse, and tells Renee to pull out but she wants to stay. Vlad is getting drunk, calling every contact he has but nobody has admitted knowledge of the nuclear material, including Sergi who said he knew nothing. Reene keeps asking him to call everyone again, until he gets so fed up that starts slapping her around, as he apparently did in the past. Suddenly she stabs him all over the face and chest with a shard of glass, taking bloody vengence. Jack appears behind her and she instintively stabs him. Vlad’s henchman appears and is about to shoot Renee when Jack throws what looked like a pen in his neck.

Sergi asks an Orthadox priest to help bury his son out back. His other son, Josef, decides to keep his brother’s. Confirmation crucifix. Back at the warehouse, Jack thinks CTU are coming when Sergi’s people arrive. They take him while Renee stays behind, telling her that CTU will find him by monitoring from the air. CTU gets there to find Renee, but they saw no veichles leaving. That’s because Jack went by sewer tunnel – meaning CTU have no idea where he is. Reene returns to CTU, where she is sent for psychological evaluation.

At the UN, President Taylor gets support based on her assurances but doesn’t have much time. Hassan’s paranoia grows, he is late for a meeting with Taylor and when he is told by his head of security, Tarin, that the man he had arrested did not speak and probably had nothing to do with the attack, Hassan says his wife and kids should be rounded up to make sure he talks. Tarin guy appears to talk him out of it, until he leaves the room, when Hassan tells another security chief to carry out his instructions. There’s no doubt about it, Hassan’s gone a bit mental. Tarin talks to Hassan’s daughter Kayla, who he is in love with, telling her what her father is doing. Suddenly, security people come to take him away too. She confesses her love to her father, who refuses to back down, insisting that he could be a threat.

Arlo suspicious of Dana’s strange behaviour at CTU, but thinks she’s cheating on Cole. She sneaks off to a side office in CTU to guide Kevin through the police warehouse robbery. They get the money but Kevin’s accomplaice wants to get more stuff. They take too long, and a cop arrives on patrol. Dana prepares to stealthily guide them to their exit when Kevin’s buddy beats the cop with a baseball bat. Now Dana will be in even more trouble if her involvement is discovered. She calls him up later to find that he’s celebrating at a strip club. She wants him to keep his promise to get out of his life, but he thinks it’s a great set-up they’ve got and wants to keep going. She goes to the strip club and watches angrily from a distance. Arlo tells Cole of her unusal behaviour and shows him pictures of her and Kevin on security camera.

We then find that Jack is at Sergi’s restaurant, getting beaten by him and his men, saying he’s selling the nuclear rods to the wrong people, he’ll pay more. Jack is tortured, but eventually persuades Sergi that he’s serious enough to move the rods to a new location while he decides what to do. When Jack cannot take the torture any longer, he escapes and engages in a shoot-out with Sergi, who is arrested. When the police arrive, Sergi asks for immunity for himself and his son in exchange for information on the whereabouts of the rods, which President Taylor agrees to. Cole leads a CTU team to the truck transporting the rods, but when they get there they find that the rods are gone and Sergi’s men are dead. The crucifix is left as a calling card by Sergi’s son Josef, to show that he has betrayed his father and is on his way to see the nuclear rods to Farhad Hassan.


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