Lost: What Kate Does

Time for me to continue to catch up with the episodes of Lost that I didn’t get to write about while the blog was down, with the second episode of season six. The episode’s title, What Kate Does, is a play on the season two episode What Kate Did in which… ah, sorry, forgot, no spoilers allowed in the top bit. Click on for more.

The flashsideways continue exactly where the first episode left off, with Kate back on the run, sitting next to Claire in the back of a taxi with a gun to the driver’s head. The driver nearly runs over loveable Dr Arzt, before running away and leaving Kate to drive. She kicks Claire out, and removes her handcuffs with the aid of a very helpful mechanic. But when she finds Claire’s baby things in her bags, she feels guilty, and goes back for her and ends up giving her a lift to she the family who is adopting her baby.

This is a great example of why the flashsideways are more than just an interesting plot device and a nostalgic way to see long-dead characters. While it’s never been the most important question, I’ve always wondered just who the couple were that the psychic arranged to adopt Aaron and what would happen if Claire got to LA, and this is the best way to answer it. A woman answers the door and says that her husband left her and she feels she cannot look after a baby on her own. It would have been nice to at least call before Claire set off half way across the world, wouldn’t it? The shock, unsurprisingly, sends her into labour.

At the hospital, we meet none other than Dr Ethan Goodspeed. How did he get there? Well, before the bomb went off, Amy would have taken him as a baby off the island on one of the many submarines the evacuated the women and children. In the “bomb didn’t work timeline”, the one we’ve been watching for the last six years, they would have returned to the island and he would later become an Other, and eventually their doctor. Here, it looks as if he grew up in the United States, and no matter how sinister he might seem, he’s just a normal doctor. Claire is treated to prevent herself from giving birth quite yet, as she doesn’t feel ready, and then asks if Aaron is OK. She doesn’t know where the name came from – was it always there in her head, or did it slip through from the other reality? Either way, she’s grateful for Kate’s help, and covers for her when the police arrive asking for her.

Back at the Temple in the 2007 timeline, the Japanese Other, called Dōgen (the legendary Hiroyuki Sanada), ties up Sayid and appears to be torture him in a way that brings back memories both of Sayid’s own previous life in Iraq, and the way he was tied up and electrocuted by Rousseau in season one’s Solitary. Dōgen says it was a test, and tells Jack to give Sayid a pill, which turns out to be poison, to cure him from an “infection”, because he’s been “claimed” in the same way as his sister – Claire.

Meanwhile, Sawyer has had enough of all this Others nonsense and leaves the Temple. Kate gets permission from Dōgen to follow him, along with Jin and two Others, Aldo (the guy reading A Brief History of Time when Kate and Sawyer they did the Wookiee prisoner trick in season 3) and Justin who keeps on nearly giving letting slip interesting information before being interrupted. A Rousseau-like trap springs in the jungle, allowing Kate to off and find Sawyer in the Barracks. When she gets there, she finds him in the home he shared with Juliet for, from his point of view, the last three years. They share a very emotional scene, sitting on the dock where back in 1974 he convinced Juliet to stay on the island for a few more weeks. This makes him blame himself for her death. He says he was going to ask her to marry him, as he throws an engagement ring into the sea, saying that some people meant to be alone. For perhaps the first time, Kate realises just how much Juliet means to him, and sheds a tear as she’s overcome by the emotion of what Sawyer has been going through.

The episode ends with Jin on his way back to the temple when he’s suddenly attacked by Aldo and Justin, who are shot by… Feral Claire!

This wasn’t a bad episode, and there were some great performances, particularly by Josh Holloway as the utterly broken Sawyer, but given that this is the very last season of the show and there’s so many mysteries to solve, the lack of pace was quite disheartening, with the plot only moving on a small amount since the previous week, and no sign of the most enjoyable story thread from the season premiere with the Man in Black. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be the worst episode of season six, and since there was still plenty of quality to be found in the episode, that’s not a bad thing.


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