Lost: Sundown

Tonight’s new episode of Lost on Sky1 HD was a memorable whirlwind of action and drama, perhaps the highlight of the season so far. Read on for my thoughts on Sundown, which of course contains spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched yet.

Following on from the sequence of episodes this season matching the same order as season one, was this a Sun episode, as the title implied? Actually, no, it centred around Sayid, both on and off the island.

Let’s start with the non-crash timeline. You might remember that in the original timeline, Sayid was on Oceanic 815 because he had helped the FBI so that he could be told where Nadia is – in Los Angeles, where she once had her home inspected by John Locke. It turns out that, once again, things are a little different in this timeline, because as after Nadia answers the door, we’re introduced to her adorable two kids and husband, Sayid’s older brother Omer, who you might recall we once saw in a flashback to their childhood, when he wouldn’t kill a chicken for their father. Omer runs a dry cleaning business but has debts with a loan shark and is still being asked to hand over more cash despite claiming to have paid all he owes. He started to remind me of the hapless Roman Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV, with his debts spiralling out of control, so it came as no surprise that he was “mugged” and taken to St. Sebastian Hospital where Jack had a little cameo walking down the corridor. Nadia knows that Sayid has strong feelings for her and asks why he pushed her towards his brother, he says it’s because he doesn’t deserve her. On his way to get the kids from school, Sayid is picked up by some very familiar-looking heavies, and is taken to a restaurant kitchen. I couldn’t quite work out where I’d seen them before until the loan shark is revealed to be… Keamy! The coincidences in the flashsideways might all be a bit much, but frankly I don’t mind, as it’s a great chance to recall some brilliant characters of the past, and Keamy was one of the best. Yes, he was much more broad and basic than any of the other villains in the history of the show, but for pure and simple wet-your-pants scary, there’s been nobody better. It was great to see him here, in a suit rather than combats, but just as unnerving. But, of course, this is Sayid we’re talking about, and he pulls off one of his famous moves, and ends up killing everyone in the room. He hears banging from one of the fridges, and opens it up to find Jin inside – I’m sure we’ll find out his story later.

Over in the parallel dimension where 815 crashed, Sayid confronts Dōgen over the “test” carried out on him. He’s told that it would be best if he dies, because every man has a scale with good on one side and evil on the other and the test showed that his is unbalanced towards evil. They have a massive fight, we already know what kind of moves Sayid has, but his opponent is even stronger and is just about to stab him in the neck when the baseball that was on his desk drops to the floor and he stops.

Outside the Temple, the Man in Black sends Claire inside to tell the Others that he’s waiting. Dōgen tells Sayid to go and stab the man who has taken Locke’s form, because he’s “evil incarnate” and it would be a way to prove that he is good. As Sayid walks through the jungle, he hears the monster approach. As soon as the Man in Black appears, he stabs him in the chest as he was told, but nothing happens. He is told that Dōgen knew nothing would happen, and he asked him to do it to provoke him to retaliate, in the same way that he tried to get Jack to poison him. He tells Sayid that he can have anything he wants in the world if he joins him and delivers a message, and continues to say that he would honour his bargain even when Sayid hints that the one thing he wants in the world he can’t have, because she, Nadia, is dead. Sayid, it seems, has made a pact with the devil.

He goes back to the Temple and tells everyone that now Jacob is dead, they are free to come and leave the island leave with him. They have until sundown to leave the Temple, anyone who remains will die. Despite Lennon’s best efforts to convince them to stay behind the ash lines where they appear to be safe, many of the Others including Cindy, looking after Zach and Emma, decide to leave rather than take any risks. Kate returns to the Temple, where Miles tells her that “the Australian chick is back”. She rushes inside, where she finds a creepy, insane Claire singing to herself. When Kate asks why Claire is there, she says shes looking for Aaron. Kate tells her that she rescued him from the island and raised him for the last three years, which seems to anger Claire.

Over at the pool room, Sayid asks Dōgen why he keeps trying to get other people to kill him instead of doing it himself. Instead of answering, he tells the story of how he got a promotion at his job in Osaka, and went to celebrate with colleagues, and after drinking too much picked his son up from playing baseball and had a bad car accident. While his son was badly hurt in hospital, Jacob came to Dōgen and told him that he’d heal his son he came to the Island, even though he’d never see his son again – not dissimilar to the fate of Juliet. He kept the baseball as a reminder of his son, and perhaps also of a reminder of his pact with Jacob, which might explain why it stopped him from killing Sayid directly, thus indirectly answering Sayid’s question – he needed a loophole.

Sayid suddenly grabs Dōgen and drowns him in the pool. Lennon arrives to see the shocking scene, saying that “he was the only thing keeping him out”. Sayid slits his throat and then the familiar sound of the smoke monster is heard, as the pillar of black smoke comes through the Temple door and starts picking off any of the Others who stayed. Miles and Kate are separated as they flee, with Kate goes to get Claire while Miles bumps into Ilana, Sun, Frank and Ben. Sun is happy to hear that Jin is alive, although he’s not here. While they all escape, Ben goes to find Sayid, and tells him there’s still time to escape, but Sayid says “Not for me”. Instantly recognising the evil inside him, Ben runs in apparent terror. Sayid seems to now be fully infected, in just the same way that the smoke monster infected Montand and the rest of Rousseau’s crew.

Continuing the feel of season one, the episode ends on a slow motion musical montage, something hardly ever seen since those first few episodes when we used to hear the songs Hurley listened to on his CD player. This time, though, it’s a lot more disturbing, as we see Sayid, Claire and Kate walking through the burning, corpse-strewn Temple while listening to Claire singing a haunting version Catch a Falling Star. Sayid and Claire proudly stand beside the Man in Black, who is standing outside the Temple with the Others who chose to follow him. Kate follows them outside, thinking she’s with friends, and is surprised to see the dead John Locke standing in front of her. He stares at her, expressionless, for a few moments, before leading his new “recruits” away.

This excellent episode felt like a real turning point in this final season. With the temple attacked, the deaths of characters two characters who played a big part in the first few episodes, and many of the Others now with the smoke monster, we’ve reached the end of the beginning of season six. The fact that we’ve only got twelve more new hours of Lost to watch is at once a depressing and exciting thought. I really can’t wait to see what happens next week.


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