Lost: Recon

Another good episode of Lost last week, apologies for the delay! Read on for a recap and review of Recon…

The title is a play on words, as the episode is about our favourite conman, Saywer. In the flashsideways, we see him pulling the same old “accidentally showing the girl the suitcase of money” gag, only this time there’s a twist – the James Ford of this world, perhaps not visited by Jacob as a child, grew up to be a cop. Brilliantly, he’s partnered by Miles, mirroring the great relationship they built up in season five, and I for one look forward to the spin-off series where they use their conman and psychic skills to solve crimes. But Jim has been keeping a secret from his partner, his parents still died after being conned by Mr Sawyer (despite him apparently still being a good father to Locke in this timeline), and he is just as hell-bent on vengeance as the man we knew. It’s not known whether he still accidentally murdered a man he thought was the real Sawyer in Australia, but he lied about being there and it would explain why he helped Kate escape at the airport. Miles introduces Jim to a friend of his father’s (Marvin Candle is alive!), who turns out to be Charlotte. There’s no real point to her being there, other than to continue with the (welcome, in my view) cavalcade of nostalgia and give another character a final curtain call. There was also a brief cameo from Charlie’s brother Liam at the police station – here’s hoping we’ll get a Charlie episode soon. The flashsideways ended with a car shunt and our Sawyer running after and catching a suspect, who turned out to be Kate.

Back on the island in the other timeline, we find Sawyer and Jin back in Claire’s, umm… nest? Jin, understandably, wants to get away as quickly as his quite badly injured legs would carry him, but Sawyer has other ideas. The smoke monster returns from the Temple, still in Locke’s form, and makes little Zach and Emma cry when mentioning that everyone at the Temple is dead. But he, quite convincingly, tells them that he’ll do everything he can to protect his group. They all move on to a new camp close to the sea, where by Kate is pounced on by an upset Claire, still angry about Aaron being taken, as Sayid looks on with a distinct lack of interest, his soul sapped away to the point where he watches a girl-on-girl brawl as if it’s a leaf blowing about in the wind a bit. “Locke” breaks things up, telling Claire off like a naughty toddler, and asks Kate if she’s alright. Brilliantly, she says no, a genuine emotional reaction to everything that’s going on around the character and the best performance in a very long while from Evangeline Lilly. Don’t forget that the entire reason she returned to the island was to rescue Claire, so this wasn’t exactly the reunion she was expecting. Smokey sits down with her at the beach and talks of his mother. Yes, the smoke monster had a mother (there’s another spin-off), and apparently she was crazy, just like Claire was crazy. Cue about 50 million online theories about the smoke monster being Aaron, but whatever the meaning, the Man in Black certainly seems to have a very interesting backstory to be revealed as the weeks go on. Later, Claire warmly hugs Kate, and although I was waiting for her to pull out a knife at any second, it seems that it was genuine.

Smokey’s been speaking to Sawyer, too, sending him on a mission to carry out some Recon over at the Hydra island. When he gets there, he sees the cages, and as a few chords of the love theme are heard, we get a little nostalgia for that early part of season three (despite lots of people not thinking it was very good). He finds the plane on the runway he had helped to clear three years earlier, and follows the trail left by the box Locke’s body was in, and discovers the horrific sight of a pile of bodies, the remaining passengers of Ajira 316, all massacred. He follows a noise in the bushes and finds a woman who claims to be the sole survivor, but it soon emerges that she’s one of Widmores people. Sawyer is brought to meet Charles Widmore on the submarine, in tells him he’ll tell the Man in Black that it’s safe to come, leading him into Widmore’s trap. But then when he returns to the main island, he tells everything to the Man in Black, who seems to be fully aware that Widmore’s there, making his instructions to Ben last week to meet him on the Hydra island seem like a trap. Later, as he sits with Kate, Sawyer reveals his true plan – to let Widmore and the smoke monster fight it out, while he and Kate escape on the submarine.

This was an enjoyable episode, with quite a few good moments, but the flashsideways wasn’t the most interesting we’ve seen so far, and overall it’s in the shadow of the previous couple of outstanding episodes. We’ve still got so much to uncover, and while there wasn’t a massive amount of new information this time, it sounds like the answers are about to start really coming…


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