Glee on DVD

A few quick notes about the excellent Glee, Ryan Murphy’s musical comedy-drama on E4. First of all, the first part of season one will be released on DVD next Monday, 12 April.

Also, on the same day, Lucky Voice are launching a special Glee package at their Brighton, Islington and Soho bars. You get two hours in the booth to sing along with all your favourite songs from the show, plus a box full of wigs, Artie-style glasses and Cheerio pom-poms, plus there’s vanilla vodka & coke slurpees to make the authentic experience complete. I gave it a try last night, and it was a huge amount of fun, everyone there had a brilliant time. If singing’s not your thing, it’s seriously worth going just for the slurpees. And they’ll get you singing, anyway.

Finally, the show is currently on a little break on E4 while waiting for the show to get back from it’s mid-season break in the US. Don’t worry Gleeks, there’s not long to wait, as season one continues on April 19th. So, it won’t be long before we’re back on board the Sue Sylvester Express. Having seen the track list for the next episode (with all the songs having either “hello” or “hell” in the title), it looks worth waiting for.


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