FlashForward: Queen Sacrifice

Another episode of FlashForward tonight, time for another recap…

Three years before the global blackout, Mark has been shot and is in the hospital with Olivia. She tells him that she’s worried about his dangerous job especially now that they have a daughter. He tells her that he has got a new surveillance role in the counter-terrorist unit, taking him out of the line of fire.

Back to present day, and the team are watching the video they found in Somalia. In the tape, Dyson Frost (A.K.A. D. Gibbons) says that he has had hundreds of flash forwards. In most of them he dies in March 15, the same date as Demetri, putting them “on collision course”. Mark finds a lead on Frost, finding records of a chess game in 1987 where he beat the local champion Ian McKinnon. Mark called McKinnon, who hung up as soon as Dyson’s name was mentioned. Mark also found a code within the moves of the game, which led to a phone number where there was an answering machine with Frost’s recorded voice saying “Well done, leave your message.” Mark and Demetri track down Ian McKinnon, only to find that he’d been killed.

The lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely (etc.) Keiko reappeared in this episode. She’s running out of money and is looking for work, and finds it with some mechanics, using her engineering experience. While she goes out to dinner in a sushi restaurant with her dodgy new boss, Bryce and Nicole stand outside trying to work out where to get something to eat. For some reason he kisses her, not knowing that Keiko is just metres away. Back in the garage, while Keiko works, there’s a raid by the immigration department, and her boss is arrested for employing people without the correct visas. Keiko is also arrested.

Following the suspicion of there being a mole in the office, a full investigation takes place, with every agent being interviewed. Mark and Demetri discover that Marcie Turoff, one of the agents seen in the background, is the mole. She begins a shootout with FBI agents, shooting really quite a lot of them with a strangely large number of victims crashing through windows. A motorcyclist in a black crash helmet turns up to help Marcie escape, but Janis shoots the mysterious biker before having a bit of a girl-fight with Marcie in a pond and finally arresting her.

Later, Janis and Simon speak in a car park. She tells Simon that when he killed “Uncle Teddy” he sent a message and that this message has been received. Simon, is surprised to learn that she is also a mole, noting that “not one person in the office” would suspect her.

Despite the shock ending and another chance to see Keiko, who I think I may have mentioned is lovely, this wasn’t a great episode. Not very much happened, and once again it was only the 24-esque twist which helped to redeem it a little. Not only was it quite a shock to find that Janis is a mole, it also puts lots of her previous actions and motives in question. I hope that now her true allegiance has been revealed, there’ll be a bit more of an edge to the following episodes.


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