FlashForward: Let No Man Put Asunder

More brand new FlashForward tonight on five, read on for a look back at what happened in the latest episode.

Two years before the blackout, Mark is talking to new recruits on their first day at the FBI. Among them are Al, who is already dead in our time line, Demetri, who will soon be dead, Janice, the mole only Simon knows about and Marcie, the mole everyone knows about.

Back in 2010, and Marcie is being interrogated by Mark and Janice. She mentions that nobody ever bothered to ask what vision she had during the blackout. She saw herself in prison, but said that she never had felt more happy or important than she did then. Later, she tells Demetri that she knows he will be killed in Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago, Demetri discovered that Mark’s gun, which apparently will be used to kill him on 15 March, has gone missing. A report comes in that a homeless man had been murdered with the same gun, with the victim saying “I knew it would be you. I just didn’t want to believe” before being shot. A man driving a similar car is to the killer is taking a woman hostage nearby. Mark and Demitri rush to the scene to find that he is simply a delusional man who blames his hostage for the blackout. His weapon is not the stolen gun, he was simply a red herring.

Something which has been forgotten about for many episodes is Stan’s background with the President, and the Vice President who saw in her vision that she would be President in the future. The Vice President meets with Stan, saying that she also saw in her flashforward that Jericho would be doing something to threaten national security and asked him to surreptitiously investigate them. Mark tells Stan about Aaron’s dealings with them after Tracy’s disappearance and Stan goes to meet him, offering to supply him with all the resources he needs to get to Afghanistan in exchange for information about Jericho.

Olivia takes Charlie to the park, not realising that her young daughter had arranged to meet Dylan there. This means that Lloyd and Olivia meet again, struggling in their efforts to prevent the seemingly inevitable future from happening. Lloyd comforts Charlie when she’s accidentally hurt playing with Dylan, and later that night Olivia visits Lloyd to thank him. He asks why she didn’t just call, but they both soon realize the answer. Whether they like it or not, the vision is starting to come true, they do have feelings for each other that perhaps they first experienced when during the blackout. Full of emotion, Olivia kisses Lloyd.

Demetri tells Zoey that he wants to marry her, not in the future, but the next day. He tells her they should have a honeymoon in Hawaii, staying there beyond 15 March to prevent his predicted death in LA. He has drunken but generally well-behaved stag night, where he tries to talk to Janis about what they did Somalia. As he goes away in a cab, she tells him that she is pregnant.

This week, we get two shock endings for the price of one. It’s the next morning, and as Demetri prepares for his big day, Dyson Frost knocks him out. As Zoey waits for him at the altar, Demetri is unconscious in the back of Dyson’s car. Suddenly, his attempts to avoid his predicted death in the coming weeks aren’t looking good.

Meanwhile, that night at a fairground, Olivia receives a call from Mark, apologising that he can’t pick up Charlie because Demetri is missing. She suddenly realises that Charlie isn’t where she thought she was. As Charlie sits on a bench eating some candy floss, a man sits next to her and menacingly says hello. It’s Dyson Frost, D. Gibbons, the “bad man”.

Tonight’s episode was better than the last few weeks. There’s a sense that the storytelling is a little more settled now, rather than trying to do too many things at once and having countless threads to keep track of, the show has started to find some core elements to focus on. However, there’s only six episodes left this season (and perhaps ever) so it’s a little alarming to find that there’s still what could be considered “filler” in the episode, with the inconsequential hostage-taker. Overall, the series is improving, and I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what Dyson Frost is doing, now that he has come out of the shadows and into the centre of things.


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