Now what? Erm, this…

A few weeks ago I was writing here on this little-updated blog about my decision to take voluntary redundancy and try to pursue a vague and unspecific career in television. Well, quite a lot of things have changed since then. The leaving party was last week. But I was still in the office today, I will be again tomorrow. All because of an entirely unexpected turn of events.

A few weeks before I was due to leave, I was offered the chance to stay in the company in an entirely different role. It took me a really long time to get used to the idea, my leaving date was burned into my head, and it was almost impossible to think that things wouldn’t happen the way I’d expected. Although there were lots of scary things about starting a new career, many people had offered to help out, and aside from anything else, I was quite looking forward to having a bit of a break.

But there are so many good reasons to stay. Some are to do with the job, a systems-based role which is different to what I’ve done before, “another string to my bow” as a friend put it. But the main reason is that I would be able to continue to work with my colleagues in the office. I’ve never worked with such a fun, talented, wonderful group of people.

Nonetheless, it was a difficult decision to make, and I took my time over it. Eventually, though, I made what I now know to be the right choice. I’m only a few days into the role and I’m already really enjoying it. I know that this will be partly because it’s something new and even though I’m still in the same place, I no longer have to worry about the things I’d been doing for the last five years in my previous role. But, more than that, I’m really enjoying the geeky techy stuff I’ve been doing, going deep into our computer systems in the office and looking after the data. I particularly enjoy the way I’m now working, using helpdesk systems to work on one issue at a time, rather than being bombarded with hundreds of emails from hundreds of people as I was before.

The whole TV thing, of course I still want to do that. Eventually. But it seems to be the sensible thing to put it all on hold for the moment.

So, after all that, I’m now a Data Integrity Analyst. I know it doesn’t sound like a particularly exciting job, but I’m happy with it.


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