V: It's Only the Beginning

Starting to finally catch up with the last couple of week’s shows, I’ll try to catch up with everything as soon as I can, starting with this very intriguing episode of V.

The episode opens with a short scene where Erica finds a wounded Georgie in a car park. As she looks at him, Ryan walks up behind her and shoots. We then see that the rest of the episode starts fourteen hours earlier, and we’ll see the events that build up to that moment. This can sometimes be an interesting device to use, but I don’t think it worked particularly well here. It was just too obvious that Ryan is still a good guy and would be shooting at someoen else, not Erica. It’s pretty much to be expected that whatever we’re shown from this little flashforward is going to be subverted, and if Ryan was ever to betray his friends (which I don’t expect him to ever do, given what we’ve been shown of him so far) it’s a bit too early in the story for him to do it.

So, fourteen hours earlier, then, and Erica, Georgie, Ryan, and Jack are meeting to discuss their resistance. Georgie, still upset about the deaths of his family at the hands of the Visitors when he was young, wants to retaliate by capturing one and showing the world it’s true, reptilian face. The others say that any such move would be far too risky, and despite being a commited resistance member, it seems that “skinning” a V is so distressing that Ryan is particularly upset by the idea.

Back at her home, Erica is searching for information about Ryan on the FBI database because she doesn’t trust him, but finds nothing. Her son Tyler comes home and wants to talk to her, presumably about Lisa being a V, but she’s too busy at first and then Ryan calls, saying he needs to meet urgently.

On the mothership, Anna asks Joshua (the fifth columnist from last week) to bring his medical team together, to find out which of them killed Dale. One of them, David, is another fifth columnist, who tells Joshua to leave the ship because he’s too important. Joshua assembles the medical staff in a V-shaped line, so that Anna can talk to them. She says that she knows that one of them is a traitor and they need to come forward or one will be punished at random. Joshua is about to admit that he did it when David steps forward, sacrificing himself. Anna tells Joshua to skin him, which seems to be a horrific process.

On TV, Chad is reporting from one of the V’s new healing centres. Anna mentions that they are about to release a special vitamin injection free of charge to all humans. It is said to do everything from curing cancer to preventing the effects of aging but, she jokes, they’ve not been able to come up with a cure for the common cold. Chad is filmed having a scan for the report, but when he asks to be able to look around and talk to more people, Anna’s right hand man Marcus refuses. He is told, however, that when they did the scan, they discovered that Chad will have an aneurysm in future, but they can prevent it. Chad can’t believe that they can predict such a thing and wants a second opinion, but Marcus says that human technology would not dectect it yet.

Tyler goes to his therapist, telling her how good the Visitors are and what a hard time he’s having explaining that to his mother. It turns out that his therapist is Valerie, Ryan’s fiance, and she mentions that she saw the healing centres on the news, but the wait must be very long. Tyler says he can help her to jump the queue, his the camera in his jacket broadcasting their conversation to the watching Anna and Lisa.

Ryan tells Erica, Georgie and Jack that he realised what the “vitamin injection” is, something developed by a V named Combs. They hatch a plan to capture him and extract the information they need, but it all goes wrong, because Georgie goes missing and before they know what’s happening, he’s pointing a gun at Combs and threatening to skin him. Combs shoots back, hitting Georgie. The events of the opening scene then play out, with Erica discovering the striken Georgie and Ryan, of course, shooting at Combs, who takes some sort of suicide pill which reduces him to ashes. It turns out that Jack was a army chaplain in Iraq, so knows his way around a bullet wound and helps Georgie. They find an invoice in Combs’ car which looks out of place and could be a clue.

Back on the Mothership, Lisa takes Tyler to meet her mother, and he’s amazed and starstruck to learn that it’s Anna. Despite his nerves, Anna takes to him well and, knowing that he’s keen on motorbikes, gives him the honour of being the first human to visit the ship’s engine room.

Ryan, Erica and Jack go to the warehouse mentioned on the invoice. Ryan knocks the security guard out and triggers an evacuation so that they can have time to investigate. They discover some badly decomposed bodies and what they first think is the vitamin shot. They then find boxes of the flu vaccine and realise exactly what the Vs are doing. Erica says that human behavior is so predictible. When the effects of the Vs chemicals appear, everyone will blame it on the (probably harmless) vitamin injections while continuing to take the truly dangerous flu vacine, probably in greater numbers than ever. They decide to blow up the warehouse, destroying the vaccines.

Somewhere on the mothership, Anna disrobes and steps into a pool of light. Her voice can be heard, it seems, by every Vistor, as she speaks positively, with each V around the world stopping and looking up, mesmerised, enraptured and perhaps even nourished by Anna’s words. On the ship, Tyler sees what is happening, and when it’s over he asks Lisa what happened. She says that Anna “gave them Bliss.”

Jack arrives back at the church and looks at a gun, perhaps something from his army days, he had hidden in the back of a drawer. He puts it away again and hears a noise from the front of the church. He sees a man and tells him that it’s too late and to come back in the morning, but the realises that it’s a Visitor from the warehouse. He stabs and then runs away when the older Father Travis starts to walk in.

Ryan also gets home, where Valerie has something to tell him. He’s shocked to learn that she’s been to one of the Visitors’ health centres, which she visited to see if she can get better medicine for her heart condition. She was happy to be told that they can do better than that and cure her condition, but she also was told some other news there. She happily tells Ryan that she’s pregnant. Uh-oh…

Erica arrives home too, calling out to her son Tyler, who isn’t there. What she does see, though, is a message from his friend on the computer, saying how lucky he is to be invited to the mothership, something that obviously chills her to the bone. She tries to call his mobile phone, but her ignores it as he gazes out of the window, looking out over New York beside Lisa and Anna. The camera zooms out, going up through the sky above the city, away from Earth and the Solar System until, far across the galaxy, we see an enormous fleet of Vistors’ ships, apparently headed for Earth.

Quite a dramatic ending, there, to a really good epsiode. At times it feels like there’s something not quite right or something missing from the production, but in terms of the story, things are getting really interesting and moving at an incredible speed. A look at the following episode follows shortly…


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