V: Welcome to the War

Slowly catching up on everything from the last few weeks. Now, a look back to last week’s episode of V.

After his stabbing last week, Jack wakes up to find himself being wheeled in to to the Visitors’ healing center. Father Travis brought him there, it was all he could do to save him. The Visitors miraculously heal his wound in an instant, but then he his horrified to see them preparing to give him a shot of the flu vaccine.

Valerie is cooking an enormous breakfast. She tells Ryan that she has a huge appetite despite only being six weeks into her pregnancy, and feels something is wrong. She’s decided to move the appointment with the healing center to the following week.

At home, Erica is still unable to get in touch with her son. Suddenly, she’s attacked by a Visitor, the same one that stabbed Jack. She manages to evade him and stabs him where his heart would be if he were human. The visitor gloats that his heart is on the other side so, after they struggle again for a moment, she stabs him on the other side, killing him. She calls Ryan, who comes over and realised that he wasn’t sent to kill her but decided to clear up his own mess himself, which is how most Visitors deal with failures. He disposes of the body, while she goes to the Visitor embassy to ask for her son back. Marcus is there, and opens a door, behind which Tyler is standing. He says sorry for not answering his phone and says he wants to stay longer. Erica walks up to him and realises that she was talking to a hologram. Marcus tells her that they’ll treat her son well.

Meanwhile, Tyler is actually being kept in a strange pod-like machine on the mothership, where he is viewing and experiencing his childhood memories, both happy and sad. Lisa doesn’t understand them, and Anna explains that human memories are emotional, unlike the Visitors’ more efficient minds. She also says that Tyler will soon be free of his mother and Lisa will be able to fulfill her destiny.

Anna later watches Chad’s report on the explosion at the warehouse, which destroyed the entire batch of flu vaccines. Marcus tells Anna that they have covered their tracks and no evidence will be found to implicate them. Anna tells him to produce false evidence to give to the FBI, to help destroy the Fifth Column. When Marcus voices his doubts about their ability to thwart the resistance while the main fleet (which was saw last week) is still on its way, she says that she will build her own army.

Joshua tells her that many humans do not trust the healing centers, so she invites Chad back to the mothership to eat some blowfish. She says that she’s concerned about his future aneurysm and the fact that he has refused treatment from the Visitors. She eventually persuades him to run a report about his experience of having his condition treated in th. Elsewhere in the healing centre, Jack wakes up to discover that his skin is turning green and he’s becoming a visitor. Thankfully, it was just a dream and he’s woken by Georgie, who helps him escape.

At FBI headquarters, Erica is working on the warehouse explosion and discovers that no evidence has been found, not even a trace of explosives. Marcus turns up with some apparently helpful alien tech which has discovered a fingerprint belonging to Kyle Hobbes, an ex-SAS man turned mercenary and one of the FBI’s most wanted. Erica of course knows that this is entirely fabricated, but can’t say anything about it. She meets up with Ryan and says that Hobbes would be a useful recruit with his military expertise, as the Visitors must have chosen to frame him in particular for a reason. She finds information about him on Dale’s computer, and finds an address where she tracks him down. At first, of course, he’s very suspicious and doesn’t believe what they Erica and Ryan tell him about being framed for the explosion. When he asks for proof, she phones the FBI and gives the address, and then tells Hobbes that he can either come with them or wait for the SWAT team. When the FBI turn up, Hobbes is nowhere to be seen and Erica drives in, as if she’s just arrived.

Later, Erica, Jack, Ryan and Hobbes meet. The mercenary is still unconvinced, saying that he doesn’t expect they can afford how much is costs to hire him and he’s not interested in signing up to a cause. Ryan lifts up his human eye to show his reptilian eye underneath, proving to a shocked Hobbes that the Visitors are not what they seem.

Ryan goes to see another member of the Fifth Column, Dr. Leah, who had a look at the compound the Vs were injecting. He also asks for advice on Valerie’s pregnancy and she tells him that a human and Visitor have never conceived before so she really doesn’t know what will happen. After she has investigated the compound, she tells Ryan that it is not harmful but simply transmits information about each person to the mothership, making it a way for the Visitors to secretly tag humans. Back on the ship, Vs including Joshua are looking at the screens containing data coming from humans who have been tagged, with Jack’s being the latest to appear.

Anna tells Tyler to go home and tell his mother that he is grown up now and able to decide what to do for himself, and that he won’t leave her like his father left them. He goes home gives her more or less exactly the same speech. She’s about to tell him what she’s discovered about the Visitors when she realises that he has an ambassador uniform, which has the surveillance “camera” hidden inside, so she pretends to go along with what he says.

Valerie’s cravings are starting to get worse, as she finds a mouse in a mousetrap and finds herself tempted to eat it before coming to her senses and throwing it away. She’s very worried that something is clearly very wrong.

When Anna learns that Hobbes has escaped, she says that she’ll build her own army. All 29 ships around the world have sent their very best soldiers to the mothership and Anna looks at them all before choosing one. They go into a special room where they mate, without touching, sadly for him. When she is done, she says that her eggs need nourishment, and reveals a set of long, sharp teeth to eat the soldier, black widow-style.

I enjoyed this episode, although some parts of the story are more captivating than others. So far, Tyler’s story is the least interesting, and there’s only so many times you can see the same story of Chad being manipulated and being drawn to the power offered by the Visitors despite his misgivings. But these are minor things, as a whole it’s still been a good series so far.


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