V: Pound of Flesh

Now, at last, for a look back to last week’s new episode of V on Syfy.

The episode begins in Sydney, where a member of the Fifth Column detonates a suicide bomb on board the ship there. Back on the mothership above New York, Anna is more determined than ever to defeat them. She tells Joshua that Fifth Columnist Visitors have been found to start feeling human emotions, and he should create a test to discover these “traitors”. She then holds a press conference, announcing a new scheme which will allow humans to live on board their ships. Chad is at the press conference of course, but so is Jack. The priest asks him to investigate the healing centres, pretending that churchgoers have told him that they’re concerned about them, and Chad seems to have the same concerns.

Ryan sees Dr. Leah for more advice on Valerie’s inter-species pregnancy. She tells him that she requires phosphorus, which is why she’s trying to eat so much. The only place to get exactly the right chemical is from the mothership. Meanwhile, Hobbes has come up with a plan to help bring together and strengthen the Fifth Column – he wants to send a message the next time Anna makes a video transmission. It’ll mean someone having to risk their life by going on board the mothership, but with Leah’s words still in mind, Ryan volunteers. Erica uses the FBI database to forge a new identity for him, and he goes on board the mothership.

Ryan manages to grab some phosphorus quite easily, but he’s then spotted by a Visitor who brings him to Joshua. Joshua runs the test, and discovers Ryan to have many human emotions, so it’s clear to Joshua and the other V that Ryan is a Fifth Columnist. Luckily for Ryan, so are they. They promise to carry out Hobbes’ plan, and say that there is a communications device they can use back on the ground to keep in touch, but Ryan must leave the ship now if he is to escape with his life.

In order to try and keep Tyler away from the Visitors, without letting on what she knows, Erica takes him out to the countryside to see his father. She manages to persuade him to stay there for a while. While she is gone, she doesn’t realise that Lisa is on her way to see him.

Georgie is worried that Ryan hasn’t come back yet, so goes up to the mothership to find him. When he gets there, Ryan is trying to leave but is having some problems with the security guard. Georgie runs up to the guard and stabs him, allowing Ryan to leave while he is captured.

Anna speaks to the world about the “live-aboard” programme when the video feed, on the underside of each ship, is briefly interrupted with the words “John May Lives”. Furious, she gathers together some potential troublemakers and offers them suicide pills. Those who are loyal to the cause take them and turn to dust, while the ones who do not are to be skinned. Marcus tells her that doing this will wipe out many of their people, but Anna reminds him that she is building a new army now.

Ryan gets home and make Valerie some tea, pouring the phosphorus into her mug. That night, she sleeps as the movements of her unborn child can already be eerily seen in her belly. Ryan then goes back to see the rest of the group, angry that Georgie was allowed to go to the mothership and risk his life. But they know they still have time to get him back, they won’t kill him straight away, as we witness him being tortured on board the ship.

I’m still enjoying V, but finding that there’s something a little samey about it – each episode tends to blend into the last and there haven’t been a lot of memorable moments so far. Still, it’s pretty good and hopefully the fact that there’s still room for it to improve means that it will.


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