The Misfits Return…

It’s time for our favourite gang of troublesome superheroes to strap on their ankle tags once again as we hear that filming has just started on a brand new series of Misfits. The BAFTA-nominated comedy drama series has been confirmed for another six-episode run, starting this November on E4 and E4 HD.

All the characters will be back, and once again they’ll be encountering locals who have been affected by the superpower-inducing storm in lots of interesting ways. We’ll get to find out what’s happened to Simon, Kelly, Curtis and Alisha since we last saw them, see if Nathan ever got out or if he’s still trapped six feet under, and hopefully find out some more about the mysterious Superhoodie.

In other news from Channel Four, on comedies about entirely different types of misfits, it’s been announced that work has begun on a seventh series of Peep Show, to air later in the year, and a fifth series of The IT Crowd has been commissioned even before the fourth (including episodes about a social networking site called Chitter and Moss’ obsession with Countdown) is broadcast this summer.


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