Me, me, me…

I suppose I should be writing a bit more about myself here on this blog, and doing it a bit more often.

Thing is, I’ve never been any good at keeping diaries. As a teenager, I’d eagerly get a new diary at Christmas and fill it with the precise details of what was happening on New Year’s and the first few days of the school term, carefully taking note of every detail of my day and what was on TV that night. But very soon, usually within a couple of weeks, the pages would lie empty as I quickly got bored of writing about generally the same things that seemed to happen every day, and the diary would be forgotten entirely by the end of January. So I’m not really sure I have the attention span to be able to keep up a daily blog.

I also think I’m quite a private person, so baring my innermost thoughts on here would probably be quite difficult. I say “think”, because I’m constantly on Twitter and clearly am writing this thing right now, so can’t be that private, but do find it a bit difficult opening up to people. But, much more than that, I’m not entirely sure anyone’s that interested anyway. I’m just a person. Nothing particularly spectacular or exciting about me. Just a person who lives a fairly uninteresting life, made better by having good friends and more interesting by occasionally experiencing the sort of drama that most people end up having to deal with in one way or another. I’m sure I’ll write a bit more about that drama at some point in the near future, but not yet.

I do have some more interesting things to write about soon, though, as I’ll attempt to blog each day at Glastonbury next week and I have some travel plans that I’ll go into tomorrow. But still, I fear that most of it won’t be very interesting at all. For example, the most interesting thing that happened to me today was that I tried a Toffee Crisp Mini Bite and a Munchies Mini Bite and decided that, confounding my expectations, the Munchies Mini-bite was better. That was pretty much the highlight of the day. So, please, keep your expectations low.

I suppose the one reason why I should try to update this blog a bit more often is that I enjoy writing and the one piece of advice I’ve been constantly given is to try to write every day. I easily get lazy about these things and need to get in the habit of writing regularly, so I shall try to put something here most days. Not every day, though. That would be too much to ask.


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