Glastonbury: Day 2


For me, Thursdays at Glastonbury have only been about two things: cider and meeting people. And so it was today, as I made my way through several meet-ups with friends, friends-of-friends and complete strangers.

I started the day by having a wonder around the site. Although many things are still in the same place they were back in my first Glastonbury in 1998, a few things have moved since the last time I was here two years ago. The cinema tent, Leftfield stage and Queens Head venue have all moved to entirely different locations, so I took a couple of hours to familarise myself with everything and, along the way, enjoyed the sunshine by the stone circle.

And then it was time for the meets. I missed most of the Twisto meet for Twitter users, instead spending most of the time queing up at the Brothers Cider Bar. Every year, I always forget how long that queue gets. The Wednesday lulls you into a false sense of security as you can quickly get served, with the full realisation of the half-hour wait only coming on the Thursday.

Later this afternoon I went to see our friend Matt, A.K.A. Jealous of Girls, who performed a great little accoustic set at the Drop the Debt bus. After, that, I had a little wander around the site again, enjoying the sights and sounds of the festival.

With all of the main stages opening tomorrow, anywhere that had live music tonight was completely packed, with large crowds spilling out beyond the tents. Perhaps it’s my imagination, but as I walked around, I struggled to a remember a time the place looked as busy as this. The feelgood spirit was all around, with everyone pleased with the sunshine and a distinct lack of mud.

In the evening, I went to the Chill’n’Charge tent for the first time. I’ve never been in previous years and it was much nicer than I was expecting, with every possible type of phone charger available and lots of plasma screens showing the World Cup. I was watching Denmark v Japan, surrounded by five Japanese people and one Dane. Despite drawing Denmark in the office sweepstakes, I couldn’t help but support Japan and was really pleased with their result.

I headed to the cinema tent to watch Four Lions, but it turned out to be one of the biggest queues of the day. I queued anyway, but along with a couple of hundred others, was turned away because the tent was full. It’s a shame there’s no longer an outdoor screen, the weather this year is perfect for it.

As I walked around this evening, all the usual calls were heard around the campsite, from “I’m Sparticus!” to the Alan Partridge quoting “Dan!”. A new addition this year was the the vuvuzella, and I was surprised to hear a group of people singing “You All Everybody”, from the TV show Lost.

I really wanted to go to Shangri La tonight, it’s an area I’ve never got round to visiting before, but I don’t think I have much energy left after walking around all day. I’ll have a rest and see what happens.

The great thing about the Wednesday and Thursday is that everyone has such a brilliant time that it’s almost a surprise when all the bands and singers turn up on the Friday to join the fun.


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