Glastonbury: Day 3


Today was amazing. It was such a long day that I can scarcely believe that the things that happened this morning happened… well, this morning.

It all began with Rolf Harris opening the Pyramid Stage. Such a master showman, the 80-year-old really got the crowd going but he didn’t even need to as the crowd, many wearing Rolf masks and two dressed as kangeroos, were just excited to be there.

After his set, at around noon, the sun was of course at it’s highest and the heat was getting unbearable so I went to the cinema tent to watch Alice in Wonderland. I didn’t particularly enjoy the film, but that’s probably because there wasn’t much room for me to sit and I never felt comfortable on the hard ground. It was still very hot, and the feeling of the 3D glasses on my lobster-like skin wasn’t particularly nice.

After the film, I went back to the camp, where everyone was feeling the same – it’d be nice to have a walk around and see some more bands, but it’s just too hot to move. With the oven-like tents not being able to bring any restbite from the heat, the only thing to do was sit and wait.

Eventually it did start to cool and a friend asked me if I wanted to come and see The Big Pink. I’d not heard of them but knew they were on before the Special Guest slot, which there were lots of rumours about, so thought it might be a good idea to get there early anyway. He then said that they had a crazy Japanese female drummer, which was enough to convince me. And, yes, of course I did instantly fall in love with the drummer. But I also really enjoyed their music, they put on a great show, made all the better by having Jamie from the Klaxons nearby in the crowd, causing all sorts of havoc. It was brilliant.

Then it was time for the guests, and Michael Eavis himself came out to introduce “two superstars” who, he said, needed no introduction. And then out came Thom Yorke, to everyone’s delight. He started playing songs from his solo work, which were great, but the best was yet to come. First of all Jonny Greenwood came out, but continued with Thom’s solo work. But, then came a beautiful, stripped-down version of Weird Fishes. This was followed by the wonderful Pyramid Song and Idioteque before a rousing singalong rendition of Kama Police. The crowd were singing long after the song had finished, and Thom joined in. The set list had them finishing with Videotape, but instead they went for Street Spirit, which was breathtaking. It felt like a really special moment and a real privilege to be part of. As the crowds dispersed out of the Park area, everyone started singing Kama Police again. Magical.

I then went to the Pyramid Stage for tonights headliners, Gorillaz. I was watching with a group of really nice people, particularly a group of teachers who are here on a hen weekend. They said they only arrived on site this evening after having to work at the school today. One of the great things about Glastonbury is coming across completely random groups of nice, friendly people like them, who shared their cider and chatted as we watched. Highlights of the set included a fun singalong to Feel Good Inc., Lou Reed making an appearance and Shaun Ryder decidating Dare to Frank Sidebottom. Although he performed earlier, Snoop appeared on the first track in video form only, so everyone assumed he wouldn’t make an appearance. So, when he finally bounded on stage during closer Clint Eastwood, the place went crazy. There was the palpable sense of a huge amount of happiness in the air, it was something I felt so lucky to witness and be a part of.

After midnight, a small group of us from the camp went for a look around Shangri La. First, we went to Arcadia, where there were some incredible fire shows, but the place was extremely crowded, to the point of not being able to move. We managed to get out and went to Block 9, which included a dilapidated New York-style hotel with drag queens performing, a Japanese-themed bar with a window full of hentai magazines and, most impressively of all, the facade of a tower block with a London Underground train crashed into the front.

We had a good look around but eventually, after being on our feet for most of the day, we decided to head back to our tents. Definitely time for bed. Goodnight!


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