Edinburgh Comedy Preview

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been filling my boots with stand-up comedy as the best comedians from around the country and beyond prepare for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In June and July, you can see some fantastic acts for unbelievably good prices as they preview their shows. It’s all a bit rough around the edges, as they test out material on audiences and often have to read from notes, but it means that you can get to see lots of very funny stand-ups for less than half the price you’d usually pay.

My favourite venues have included the Hampstead Comedy Club in Primrose Hill, a small, intimate venue above the Pembroke Castle pub where I’ve seen the likes of Stewart Lee and Kevin Eldon for a fiver each, or the amazing value of The Good Ship in Kilburn (a favourite haunt of mine) where I’ve been able to see two full shows for just four pounds.

Anyway, I’ve not just been doing this for my own entertainment, oh no. I’ve written a few reviews so that any of you going up to the Fringe know what to look out for. In a nutshell, do make sure you see Lee, Herring, Eldon, Long, do anything you can to make sure you see Daniel Kitson and also keep an eye out for the excellent Addy Van De Borgh. You can read my reviews over at Frost Magazine:

Part 1 | Part 2


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