Misfits: Series 2, Episode 2

Last night’s episode of Misfits was another entertaining, intriguing and at times very funny hour of TV. It was also possibly the most poignant and emotional that the series has got so far.

9B148F0A-2498-4B86-9DB7-ABE426A27D7C_extraAfter last week’s Simon-centric episode, this week it was the turn of Nathan to be the centre of attention. Not that he usually isn’t. A half-brother he never knew he had (played by newcomer Sam Keeley) arrives at the community centre with a car, which just happens to have their deadbeat dad, Mike (Press Gang’s Dexter Fletcher, perfectly cast) in the boot. The pair soon start to bond, getting up to all sorts of escapades involving getting their car back from a gang and meeting a girl whose cold personality means she can turn things to ice, with some fantastic special effects given the low budget. There are some great, comical scenes with the half-brothers, as Nathan says “We’re like the Mitchell brothers, only we’re not bald, ugly and shit.”

That’s not to say that the rest of the gang weren’t involved too. In a nightclub (or possibly a rave – it appeared to be taking place in a shipping container), the gang took some pills, Simon’s being slipped in his drink of course. The drugs had the unusual effect of reversing their powers, so Alicia became repulsive to anyone who touched her, Simon was noticed by everyone and Kelly couldn’t help but let her innermost thoughts and insecurities spill out. When she told Nathan “sometimes I think that I love ya”, I think she cemented her place as my favourite character in the show. The most dramatic power to be reversed belonged to Curtis, as he flashed forward to the future instead of back to the past, finding himself on a rooftop in a superhero costume, meeting a mysterious girl who was more than happy to remove her clothes. As he spooled back through time to the present day, we saw some very revealing glimpses of what is in store for our heroes over the coming weeks. If you want to get some spoilers, you’ll get quite a few nuggets with some expert use of the pause button at that point.

The ice girl also saw her powers reverse, and things started to literally heat up in the back of Jamie’s car as she caught on fire, making the car explode. As Nathan came to the rescue, Superhoodie arrived on the scene to save him – Nathan not realising that the pills temporarily removed his immortality. As I’ve mentioned before, the identity of Superhoodie is set to be the big mystery this series, and the gang are starting to get some clues with Alicia managing to take a photo of him, Nathan finally letting the rest of the group know about his rescue at the end of last series and Simon noticing that he got injured and therefore isn’t invulnerable. Simon also believed he followed him home, but when he gathered the rest of the group (Kelly helpfully using her powers of breaking and entering), they realised that they’ve been duped, as the flat belongs to a girl. A girl that Curtis recognised from his flash forward.

Jamie appeared to survive the car explosion without harm and went with Nathan to visit their father in an attempt to build some bridges. When Nathan got there he couldn’t think of anything else to do but punch his dad in the face and got a punch back. But when they started to talk, there was a shocking reveal which came right out of left field – Jamie died when the car caught fire. Nathan can see dead people. Just as in Nathan’s episode in the first series, when he found the body of 82-year-old Ruth, we saw a more touching and emotional side to his character without getting too sentimental. It’s what made the moment when he asked his dad to buy him dinner so moving, as the father and son shared in their grief but could not entirely escape the sardonic, humourous front most of us men seem to hide our emotions behind.

This was another great episode which had one of the better standalone stories we’ve seen so far but also broadened things out with some major hints to where the rest of the series is heading. People who have seen next week’s episode have said it’s the best they’ve seen so far. I can’t wait!

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