Misfits: Series 2, Episode 4

Yet another excellent episode of Misfits went out this week, with the usual mix of cheeky humour, intense drama and stylish visuals we’ve started to get used to now. The quality is so high now that a superb episode is to be expected every week, and once again we haven’t been let down.

misfits_24As hinted at in E4’s trailers, this episode saw the superpowered rascals joined on their community service by a new orange jumpsuit-clad teen, an eco-warrior named Ollie with the power to teleport. All the pre-publicity for the episode pointed to him being a fairly major character who would get a lot of screen time in at least this episode, so it was quite a shock to see him bumped off within minutes. The gang were picking up rubbish when a deranged man called Tim arrived. Tim has been affected by the storm in quite one of the more unusual ways, as he sees the world as a Grand Theft Auto-type game with himself as the central character, on a mission to get his money back from a fictional gang lord named Conti. Ollie confidently steps up, saying he has training in conflict resolution, and promptly gets a bullet in the head. The reactions to his death were interesting, with Nathan being his usual cocky self, Curtis regretting that he wasn’t upset enough to turn back time, and Alisha going back to Future Simon and asking why he didn’t intervene and prevent Ollie’s death.

Future Simon tells her that he had to die so that another person can live, and sure enough we discover that his heart is transplanted in Nikki’s body, following the hints we’d had over the last couple of weeks. She wakes to discover that she’s feeling very strange, at first because she has healed so quickly and then because she finds that she can now teleport.

Curtis and Alisha had a little chat and decide to end their relationship while hiding from Tim, who is in the middle of a killing spree, running over what he sees as computer animated little old ladies but are actually the real thing. Curtis gets closer to Nikki, while Alisha continues to bond with Future Simon, telling him she wants to run away to Vegas. He promises to take her there one day and gives her the keys to his secret lair.

Kelly and Alisha run into Tim once again and this time can’t get away. He abducts Kelly, who he thinks is his videogame character’s ex-bride, and tells Alisha to take a message to Conti. Future Simon, in his Superhoodie attire, drops off a copy of the game for our Simon and Nathan to play, so they can work out what they need to do to finish it – give Tim the £100,000 he wants from Conti. The only way to get that kind of money would be to rob a bank, so that’s exactly what they do – as Nathan points out, it’s about time they used their powers to commit a crime. Simon uses his invisibility to easily get the money from a security van and they give it to Tim, who has Kelly tied up to a meat hook in a wedding dress. Unfortunately, this doesn’t end the game for Tim and only takes him on to his next mission – to hunt for an undercover cop. Somehow (a conveniently-timed commercial break means we don’t see how), he manages to tie them all up to meat hooks and grabs a chainsaw, saying he’ll kill them all unless the cop confesses.

Meanwhile, Nikki is waiting to meet Curtis, who of course is a little tied up at the moment (badoom-tish!), and in her frustration accidentally teleports herself in front of him. She tries to help but only ends up being strung up beside the others. Nathan, realising that his immortality means it doesn’t matter if his is killed, says that he is the cop but suddenly Alisha makes a break for it. Tim chases after her and shoots, but Future Simon dives in the way just in time and takes the bullet for his sweetheart. Alisha takes off his Superhoodie mask and tells Tim that he is the undercover cop, which finally ends his “game”. Cradling him in his arms, she tells Future Simon that she loves him but isn’t sure she can love “our” Simon. He tells her that it has to be this way, so that Simon can follow the path that makes him the person he will become. As he dies, he tells the heartbroken Alisha that she must burn his body so that no evidence is left of his presence.

She returns to the community centre, where Simon is reading the news of Tim’s arrest. She looks at him in disbelief – this kid will soon become the man she very quickly fell in love with and lost. Simon, of course, is confused. She goes to Future Simon’s lair and looks at the photos on the wall, finally focusing on one – her and Simon together in Las Vegas.

Like in every episode of this second series, the boundaries of the show been pushed further, with some interesting sci-fi concepts and touching, tragic moments alongside the usual very funny lines. It’s hard to say until we know exactly what rules of time travel Misfits works by, but it seems that this episode have just seen the death of one of the ASBO Five. The Simon we know and love will keep going, and slowly become the heroic figure who goes back in time, but it looks like we now know that his story ends with a bullet from a man who thinks he is in a video game. It’ll be interesting to see how this sad development affects the rest of the series and how his gallant death will draw Alisha even closer to him.

Only two more episodes and the Christmas special to go. Next week, we’ll find out exactly why Curtis was wearing that superhero costume in his flashforward…

Avaliable now: Misfits – Series 1 – Complete [DVD] [2009]


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  1. Hi there,
    I can’t find the drum&bass song played on several Tim scenes.
    Could you help me..?

    Sorry for the english 🙂
    Lutenn, France

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