Misfits: Series 2, Episode 5

Due to an insanely busy week, I wasn’t able to do my usual review of the latest Misfits episode last week, but I thought I should jot down a few very brief thoughts before tomorrow night’s series finale.


I felt it was a great episode, one which felt like the first series of Misfits, with Future Simon out of the picture, it was more about each of the gang getting into exciting and funny situations with other people who have developed powers. While I found the situation around Jessica’s (Zawe Ashton) over-protective father was fairly obvious, it was still very entertaining, and the reveal of Kelly’s love interest Bruno as a gorilla who had turned human was a brilliant twist that I really didn’t see coming.

With the gang in fancy dress as superheroes (explaining that flashforward Curtis had) and a gorilla in an gorilla costume carrying Kelly up the side of a building King Kong-style, this was the wittiest episode of the second series, a respite before the dramatic final episode.

Don’t forget, as well as that final episode of the series tomorrow night, there’s going to be a Christmas special this Sunday night at 10pm, which promises to include an interesting twist on the Nativity scene…

Available now: Misfits – Series 1 – Complete [DVD] [2009]


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