QI goes back to BBC Two

It has become common practice over recent years for successful BBC Two programmes to move across to BBC One, something that Miranda, for example, is set to do when the next series is broadcast. But it’s rare, if not unheard of, for a programme to go from Two to One and then back to BBC Two again – but that’s exactly what’s happening to QI.

It’s a little bit of worry to see the entertaining and informative panel game take what some would see as a step down. Each series is based around subjects starting with a different letter, the last series on BBC One was “H”, when it returns to BBC Two in the autumn it’ll be series “I”, so there’s another 17 series to go before we reach the end of the alphabet. It’ll be a real shame if it doesn’t get to series “Z”.

But there are a few signs that it could be a good move. Perhaps most importantly, there tends to be less pressure to get good ratings on BBC Two than there is on prime-time BBC One. Also, after being shown at 8:30pm for the last couple of series, it’ll move back to a post-watershed slot. While it isn’t a programme with many particularly naughty bits, it ensures that it’ll have free reign to explore any topic without fear of upsetting a family audience.

Series creator John Lloyd says: “QI did very well in the ratings on BBC One but we thought we ought to give Coronation Street a fighting chance. We’re very happy to be back in our old den on BBC Two.”

Let’s hope it turns out to be a good move for the programme.


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