Becoming Human to be shown on BBC Three

Just a quick note to let you know that the ace online series Becoming Human will be shown in full on BBC Three next week. The online spin-off from Being Human, which reaches the end of it’s incredibly good third series this week, features Craig Roberts, star of the utterly fantastic upcoming film Submarine, as Adam, the middle-aged vampire trapped in a young person’s body introduced in the main series a few episodes back. Werewolf Christa (Married, Single, Other’s Leila Mimmack) and ghost Matt (Josh Brown) join Adam to make a younger, and very different, trio to contrast with their fellow supernatural characters in the main series.

Becoming Human has been a huge success with over 1.5 million views on the BBC Red Button and online to date. With this popularity in mind, the decision was taken to screen a 50-minute compendium of all eight episodes on Sunday 20 March at 9pm, concluding with the dramatic final episode which will be seen on television at the same time that it appears online.

Series creator Toby Whithouse says, “We were delighted when Becoming Human found such a loyal and enthusiastic audience online. The reaction was beyond our most optimistic dreams. And so for the BBC to give us this opportunity to share the show with a wider audience is fantastic news.”

If you’re late to Becoming Human and don’t want to wait until Sunday the 20th, you can watch all of the episodes so far and follow additional clues at


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