Robert Sheehan leaves Misfits cast


Some big Misfits news from London’s Kapow convention today, as it has been officially announced that Robert Sheehan, otherwise known as cocky scallywag Nathan, has decided not to return for the third series, due to air in the autumn. Since the twist at the end of the second series, fans have been speculating over his future involvement in the show, with the rumour mill fuelled further by his starring appearances in Killing Bono and other upcoming feature films. With Misfits creating a huge buzz with sci-fi and comedy fans in the entertainment industry around the world, Hollywood is apparently beckoning.

The news was confirmed by executive producer Petra Fried, who said that a new character named Rudy will be introduced fill Nathan’s very large shoes. It’s thought that Sheehan won’t be appearing in the third series at all, with his character being written out in an exclusive short clip for the E4 website instead.

I have no doubt that with Howard Overman’s scripts and the huge talents of the remaining cast, the third series of Misfits should be as good as what we’ve seen so far, but while over time we’ve grown to love the others, Nathan was the first star of the show. The very first time I saw a clip of Misfits and met the cast, it felt obvious that he’d be hugely popular with viewers, which has of course turned out to be the case.

Lauren Socha, who plays lovable chav Kelly, also tweeted the news earlier today:

While I’m still looking forward to seeing the series return later in the year, and getting to know more about the new character Rudy, it’s a real shame to know that we won’t hear him call Simon “Barry” again.


Some more news and additional detail on the third series of Misfits has just come through. A couple of minor spoilers follow…

First of all, a quote from series creator and writer Howard Overman on the clip which will see Nathan bow out (apparently in Vegas) and the new character introduced. He says “It’s great to be launching the third series of Misfits with an online film which introduces our new character Rudy, as well as saying goodbye to Nathan.”

It’s interesting to note that Matthew McNulty will be returning in series three as Seth, the superpower dealer from the Christmas special. Despite Robert Sheehan moving on, there’s a huge amount to look forward to in this series, with the gang facing a new enemy with the power to suspend time, Simon still on his way to becoming Superhoodie and some zombies to contend with. Plus, we’ll finally find out what their new powers are.

But perhaps the best news of all is that this series will have EIGHT episodes. Misfits has been crying out for a slightly extended series length, so it’s good to see it getting a couple of extra episodes this year.


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