Misfits: Series 3, Episode 1

The third series of Mifits kicked off on E4 tonight. With one of the supercharged scoundrels away in Las Vegas, a new member of the gang was introduced, former Emmerdale and This Is England star Joe Gilgun as Rudy.

Beware, spoilers follow if you’ve not seen it yet…

We start with an introduction to Rudy, who is very much at the centre of his first episode. His power is an interesting one, although when we first meet him he’s trying to get rid of it. His personality splits in two – literally, two versions of himself in two – one half full of cocky confidence, the other sensitive and self-loathing. He’s doing community service alongside two girls, Charlie (Nathalie Emmanuel of Hollyoaks) and Tanya (Katie Moore), under the not-very-close supervision of Shaun, the apathetic probation worker.

Things elsewhere continue where they were left off in the Christmas special. Curtis still works in the same bar, now without Nikki who was shot dead by one of “Jesus”‘s followers. Simon is continuing on his journey towards becoming Superhoodie, with only Alisha to share the knowledge of his future with. And Seth is still around, buying and selling superpowers.

We got to, finally, see what those new powers are after last year’s cliffhanger. Simon’s and Alisha’s are more helpful than they are interesting – being able to see what would happen if a certain path was followed and stepping into someone else’s shoes. After his time travelling abilities were sold to an old Jewish man who wanted to kill Hitler, Curtis now has the rather interesting power to change sex. And Kelly, brilliantly, is now a rocket scientist. She might not find it very useful now, but I’ve got a feeling it’s going to come in handy at some point…

Rudy’s split personality gets him in trouble when his swaggering self gets intimate with Charlie while his shy half allows Tanya to see his nicer side. Tanya doesn’t take kindly to seeing Rudy with Charlie and, of course, she has her own power – the ability to make people freeze. Rudy ended up being bottled, thrown down some stairs (as Kelly said, “We were brunching, and then it just kicked off”) and stabbed in the shoulder with a pair of scissors – although he was responsible for that last one. He also, it turns out, was in love with Alisha in his teenage years, losing his virginity to her and still hasn’t quite got over her. Eventually, the two halves of Rudy’s personality decided to split up and go their separate ways.

Things took a turn for the worse when Tanya used her powers to make Rudy stab Charlie and then left him and Alisha in nooses and balanced on chairs, before being knocked out and also killed. Rather touchingly, Rudy decided to sacrifice himself to save Alisha, but thanks to his other half coming back just in time he was also rescued. This left Rudy with two bodies to bury, something of an initiation ceremony – now he’s truly one of the misfits.

There was just one last thing to do – get them back into those orange jumpsuits. After a few red herrings, it finally happened, thanks to Rudy driving them in a stolen car. As the gang left the familiar locker room, Simon accidentally left his phone behind, a nice little tie-in with the online-only video of Nathan’s exit. Everything’s now all set for the rest of the series, which it seems will heavily feature superpower dealer Seth, who in this episode we saw looking forlornly at a photo of himself and a girl, before demanding over the phone that someone looks for a particular power he’s after.

It’s great to see that Misfits is still as stylish, smart and funny as ever, with a great soundtrack and budget-defying effects. Next week, it’s a Curtis/Curtisette centric episode. Can’t wait.


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