Russell Tovey leaves Being Human

Sad news today from Russell Tovey, who has announced that he is leaving the cast of BBC Three’s hit supernatural drama, Being Human. Tovey has played werewolf George Sands since the pilot episode in 2008 and was the only cast member to make the jump from the pilot to the full series. The news first emerged in a Guardian interview, where he said he made his decision because it felt “strange” without Aidan Turner, whose vampire Mitchell left the show at the end of the last series so the Irish actor could play Kíli in The Hobbit. He then confirmed the news in a tweet to his fans:

This doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of George quite yet – series four has been shooting in Barry Island for the last few months and will be on our screens early next year, with Damien Molony appearing as a new vampire. But when that series has finished, it seems that if it is to return, it’ll be with only Lenora Crichlow (Annie) and Nina Pickering (Nina) from the series one cast. While it’ll be a real shame to see Tovey go, presumably to pursue the career his risen star deserves, under the helm of creator Toby Withouse there’s no reason to doubt that Being Human can continue to thrive.


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