Misfits: Series 3, Episode 6

Tonight’s Misfits was back on form, definitely the funniest episode of the third series so far. The second of the two episodes to be written by Jon Brown, it featured some great lines and the mix between joyously irreverent comedy and thrillingly absorbing drama that makes Misfits so good.

At a party, Rudy met a few girls before eventually having sex with one who makes him promise it’s not just a one night stand. Of course, afterwards he says his goodbyes and tries to make a quick exit. Hell hath no fury, etc., and she uses a power to give him a particularly bad STD. Simon suddenly sees into a future where something Rudy feels very attached to will fall off and goes to warn Rudy, who shows him what’s happened to Little Rudy so far, saying it’s “like no STD I have ever seen, and I’ve seen ’em all”. They decide to track down the girl so he can try to persuade her that she’s not been used, in the hope that she’ll reverse what she did to him. Unfortunately, Rudy’s not big on detail when it comes to the people he sleeps with and they have trouble piecing together the events of the previous night as well as the ripped up piece of paper with her phone number. Eventually Rudy manages to whittle it down to a list of three suspects.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Seth are busy getting it on. When he wonders why she’s bothered to turn up for community service, she tells him they that “always get a new probation worker after we’ve killed one” – a great Misfits line. As they lie in a makeshift bed in the community centre, Seth suggests that they go on a holiday to Morocco together, but Kelly’s unsure whether it’d be a good idea.

To the sound of Portishead (not mentioned it for a while – but I generally love the soundtrack choices on this show and tonight they were all amazing), our detectives Simon and Rudy creeped into the flat where the party happened and find Jo (Joanna Christie) sleeping in the bed where the deed was done. They discuss a plan of action – Rudy needs to wake her up, talk to her and then sleep with her. Rudy wonders if he should just do it while she’s asleep, which an incredulous Simon reminds him would be morally and legally wrong. Their raised voices wake her up, so Rudy attempts to sweet talk her into letting him be her boyfriend, but it turns out she’s not the girl she slept with – she’s in that bed because it’s her flat. They do get a lead, though – a photo of Amy (Ellie Jacob), another of the girls Rudy remembers, is recognised by another partygoer.

First at an ice-cream van (driven by an attractive girl – not entirely sure what that scene was about) and later while playing table football with Alisha, Curtis changes into Melissa without meaning to. And his breasts are sore, uh-oh! He takes a test and discovers that he’s pregnant. After trying to work out that he definitely didn’t sleep with any men, with a phone call to Rudy to double-check that nothing happened when he was under the influence of the athletics coach’s rohypnol, he suddenly realised – he made himself pregnant. And now he can’t change back to a man.

Simon and an increasingly itchy and sore Rudy go to Amy’s flat. Rudy unwisely pulls down his trousers, ready for action, and Amy’s 12 year old little sister opens the door. Oh dear. He then does get to talk to Amy and discovers that they just kissed and she’s a lesbian. He leaves but then runs into the little sister with a policeman and ends up in a cell. In the police station he splits in two, so he can escape while his downbeat side stays and waits for him.

Seth finds Curtis’ pregnancy test and after checking with Alisha, thinks that it must be Kelly’s. After confronting her, she says it’s not. Seth then gets a phone call and hears that the super power he’s been looking for all this time has been found. He meets his contact, giving him a large payment and taking the power away from a man tied up in a car boot.

Rudy thinks their search has reached a dead-end, but Simon is on the case – seeing that the phone number was written on a club flyer. They go and see that Leah (Amy Manson) is there but she’s not interested in helping him at all. Rudy takes to the DJ’s microphone, pleading for help with the words “I’m just a twat with a big mouth and I never meant to hurt anyone.” She relents and heals him. He asks her out, meaning it for real this time, but she’s not entirely convinced and says goodbye.

Back at the community centre, the gang wonder where Curtis is – Kelly suggests morning sickness and Simon helpfully adds that ginger biscuits would help with that. As Rudy pontificates on how he now finally understands the importance of helping others and the meaning of High School Musical songs, his other half appears, upset about being left behind at the police station.

Seth looks at photo of his ex girlfriend while Kelly leaves him a voicemail message saying that she’d love to go to Morroco. Curtis goes to Seth and explains that he’s stuck and has made himself pregnant and needs to have his power taken away. Seth says he will take it on the condition that he uses the power he has just received has on his behalf – Seth only ever has the ability to transfer powers, not to use them himself. It’s the power to bring people back from the dead and he wants to use it on his girlfriend. Curtis doesn’t want to see Kelly get hurt, but sees that this is the only way to get out of his situation, so they swap powers. Poor Kelly.

Simon was all kinds of awesome in this episode and Rudy really came into his own this week. Iwan Rheon and Joseph Gilgun seem to be building up a great comic partnership, great news as it was the Simon and Nathan double act that I miss most about Robbie Shehan’s departure. It was by no means perfect – it’s a shame that the Curtis storyline wrapped up so quickly and yet another week has gone by without Alisha being given much to do. But overall I thought it was a great episode and one that made me laugh more than any other this series.

Next week. Zombie cheerleaders. Oh yes. But first, this.


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