Misfits: Series 3, Episode 7


So far, despite still being one of the best things on TV all year, this third series of Misfits hasn’t quite hit the heights of the first two. But that all changed last night, with an episode that finally stands up alongside the very best of series one and two.

We started where we left off last time, with Seth bringing Curtis to the cemetery to bring his girlfriend Shannon (Charlene McKenna) back to life. But things don’t seem quite right about her. Kelly finally finds him and he tells her why he can’t see her any more, leaving her heartbroken.

At the community centre, the gang watch some cheerleaders practising – oh, the look on Simon’s little face! Curtis enjoyed it too but, due to a rather grim traumatic experience he suffered as a thirteen year old, Rudy is disgusted and terrified by them.

The next day, Curtis sees an old lady upset about her cat, Mr Miggles, being run over. He uses his new power to resurrect the kitty and gets a cake in return. But when he goes back to return the cake tin, he finds that the cat has gone crazy and is eating the old lady’s face. The rest of the gang come to the rescue, tooled up with hammers and a Cornetto but while they’re more than happy to bump off probation workers (who don’t count, according to Alisha – which felt like the only misstep in the episode, a little TOO big a wink to the audience) and the old lady when she wakes and tries to bite Rudy, none of them can bring themselves to kill zombie Mr Miggles so they keep him in a cat carrier.

Kelly tries to warn Seth that Shannon is about to turn into a zombie, but he doesn’t listen. Little does he know that she’s been eating poor Iggy the iguana to stave off her bloodlust. So, that means Curtis’ old time travel power is gone for good.

Kelly also works out that if Curtis brought Mr Miggles back from the dead, it means he’s the one who brought Seth’s ex back too. No hard feelings, though, and Curtis agrees to help her to what she realises she has to – kill Shannon before she eats anyone. But, it’s too late – Seth’s neighbour Jack (Gareth Farr) comes round to bring back a DVD and Shannon takes her chance and bites a lump out of his arm, turning him into a zombie too. The gang arrive, armed with baseball bats and, in Rudy’s case, a sledgehammer. Seth hides her in the neighbour’s flat, but the neighbour attacks him and is killed by Shannon by an iron. Seth realises that it’s true, she is a zombie. She tells him about the hunger she feels and he tries at first to placate her with ideas about finding another power somewhere to cure her and buying her meals from the local pet shop. But then he sees the way she hungrily looks at a young boy and realises she has to be killed. But he just can’t bring himself to do it.

Back at the community centre, the gang decide they have to kill the cat because feeding it mice would only lead to, in Rudy’s words, a “zombie Noah’s Ark.” They draw lots and, to Rudy’s delight, Simon draws the short straw but discovers that Mr Miggles has escaped and infected the cheerleaders. The gang get together to kill all of the zombie cheerleaders (except for Rudy, who hides) and then the new probation worker turns up. Obviously, she gets bitten within seconds and has to be killed. This time it’s Rudy who draws the short straw, giving her a whack to the head after giving her a short speech about how they’re not bad kids, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Repeatedly.

A vengeful zombie Shannon tries to get Kelly, but Seth comes to the rescue telling his recently deceased girlfriend that he loves Kelly and kills her. Kelly asks if he meant what he said, Seth says yes and Kelly replies “I fooking love ya too!”

So it’s all over, thanks to our heroes the zombie plague has been stopped and the world has been saved… except.. what happened to Mr Miggles? Cue a mid-run freeze-frame ending!

There was so much to enjoy about this episode, from the metaphor of an ex-girlfriend coming back from the dead being made literal, to the obligatory Romero references as well as several to Shaun of the Dead (Rudy’s Cornetto and his idea to “keep a low profile, let it all blow over”). I was wondering if Simon would comment on the fact that these were running zombies, and sure enough:

But what made this episode the best of the series so far was that it was a proper ensemble piece, the whole gang working together for the first time as a unit rather than being scattered across various stories. I’d say that Rudy stole the show but looking back, every character had some great moments in this episode, even Alisha who has felt a little in the background this year. It was classic Misfits, with plenty of gore, smut, action and plenty of heart too, plus, of course, another probation worker coming a cropper.

Next week is the series finale, which sees the excellent Mark Heap guest star alongside some very familiar faces from the ASBO Five’s past who we’ve not seen for quite some time.


One response to “Misfits: Series 3, Episode 7

  1. Agree with you Transmission – just watched it and we loved it! Proper laughs, oohs from the yucky gore and, like you put it, ‘plenty of heart’ too. A wicked Misfits episode!

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